Tiny Houses for Glamping

Tiny Houses for Glamping

Hekipia Manufacturer of Park Models RV in USA

HEKIPIA America is an industrial group specialized in the design and manufacturing of innovative and reversible Park Models RV.

Over 36 years’ experience on the European market, with more than 28,000 units delivered.

Durable, well-integrated accommodations guaranteeing a rapid return on investment for outdoor resorts.

The roulotte set up in an outdoor resort

Discover "the Roulotte" , a new Park Model RV. An investment offering a rapid return for buyers and an incredible experience for vacationers!

84 900$
Transport excluded - Fully equipped - Ready to use - See all the equipments in the product page

Operators Benefits

Durability and resistant materials

  •  Proven construction principle based on wood, steel and aluminium
  •  Robust and isulated product for all-weather use.
  • Profitability and quick ROI

Ready to use

  • Wheel-mounted for easy installation on site
  • Set-up and grid connections in less than 3 hours

Landscape integration

  • Wood cladding, for a natural and aesthetics finish suitable for all environnement

Made in Pennsylvania

Designed in France

Tiny House a rentable investment
Manufacturer of Tiny house since 36 years
Manufacturer of 28000 tiny houses since 1986
Delivered all mounted